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Our Mission: is a trusted company for all PVC, PET, ABS, Smart Card, RFID Tags (Key Access RFID tags, Jewelry RFID tags, Clothing RFID tags) and any RFID card's solutions, We are also a registered Business Co. with, ISO 9001:2000, VISA International/MasterCard International/Amex Card' EMV Chip Cards Inspection Certified Manufacturer and Distributor. We working for all Banks to meet the EMV Chip Card's standard and manufacturing them for any Bank in the U.S.A. is a company working for your company in-design PVC cards and Banking card's solutions, If you have Banking cards, ATM cards, E-Passport, Parking Smart cards, IC tags, IC labels, PVC cards printing request...etc, please contact us! If you need Key card sleeves, Envelopes (any sizes, any paper-printed products), We will have the best quote rates and solutions for your company. We are happy to assist your projects and We will fulfill your orders and make them done on time. Please feel free to contact us at 626-675-2806!

We are specialized in large amount of Plastic CR80 cards made by standard PVC or Bio-friendly (Bio-Degradeable) PVC cards, size on: 3.375"x 2.125" (with 0.76mm/30Mil or 0.38mm/15Mil thickness), Combo cards in special orders (Standard PVC Cards size with 1 , 2 or 3 Key tags, each key tag size on: 1.125"x 2.125"/each tag attached), Combo cards with Hanger, please click here for details: Custom-made Combo Cards with Hanger, and any of your options, shapes to embed IC chips to PVC cards. We made FREE professional artwork designs for our customers on Gift Cards, Membership Cards, Medical Cards, Banking Cards (EMV standard level 1 and level 2), Hotel Keycards, Smart Contact/Contactless Cards, SIM (GSM) Cards, RFID (NXP Mifare 1k/4k/8k, EM4100) Cards; Cards' artwork designs and printing works. Plastic cards manufacturing are our Business, We can manufacture and design different kinds plastic cards in variety stored-values and embed microchips to PVC cards for any your order, these varity cards would used as: Gift cards, Membership cards, Fundraising cards, Library cards, Loyalty cards, Telecom (GSM) cards, Smart keycards, Discount cards, Medical IC cards, Hotel keycards, Metro Transpass cards and ID cards...etc, and We keep our promise to the lowest prices, the best quality and best graphic printing results to our customers. For a convience way to help your inquiries, Please send your company logos, images, text E-mail attachments to us at or, and We will make your artworks proof back to you next days. Your business is highly respected and appreciated for us, please contact our Sales Dept for any request or a free quote; thanks for choosing Our professional abilities and natural contributions with the best prices quoted to the nationwide, the best quality and services to meet your requirements. Please feel free to give us a call, our friendly Sales Rep will start to assisting your projects, the results,-"You win your customers, We win your business".

Our goal is to be your # 1 source in the Plastic cards manufacturing industry, Since 1998 to now, We have served many multi-national companies and relationship with them worldwide; please just let us know what are your project's detailed information; so, We can assist you to fulfill your projects and make sure your projects go processing smoothly. We'll make it done in-time for your projects guaranteed to all your assignments and make your projects worry-free. For PVC Cards Pricing, Please click here PVC Cards, For IC Cards Pricing, please click here Smart IC Cards. If you are looking for Hotel IC key cards, We will have the best pricing in the market, Please contact us!! No Set-up Fees and No Hidden Cost guaranteed with any order.

We can also manufacture standard paper phone cards  and paper calendars in different kind of values, and We've been in the manufacturer of plastic cards and paper cards industry with over 10 years experience. No matter if your projects are small as a single retail store or big as franchisers, We will taking care each file that you send to us, and make them to the best printing results and best prices for your projects. Our company has the capability to produce over 150 Millions cards/Year. which make us very stable in manufacturing cards industry. Our unique experience with our reliable product management, each specify design, full-color printing on both sides, our competitive prices to match your assignments and Fast turnaround time will be suitable for any of your projects. also an Exclusive Smart cards distributor of ST Microelectronic in USA, We can supply ST21Y036, ST21Y068, ST21Y144, ST21F384, ST21F280, ST21F330, ST32F416, ST32F512, ST33F1M, ST23YS02, ST23YS08, ST23YL18, ST23YL80, TT40, TT80, TT120, TT240, ST23TR02, ST23YR16, ST23YR48, ST23YR80, ST23YR144, ST23YT34, ST23YT66, ST23YP18, Or Samsung: S3FC9DC, S3FC9CC, S3FC9CD, S3FC9DD, S3FC9DE, S3FC9CE, S3FC9DF, S3FS92F, S3FS9DG, S3FS92G, S3FS9SD, S3FS9QB, S3FS9SH, S3FS9TH, S3PS9CH, S3FS91J, S3FJ9SK, S3FJ91L, EM Cards: TG30, TG56, TG97, TG160...etc.

Ever think to own a Gift Card/Loyalty Card/Membership Card software can actually help you to run your business better? Do you know over 70% of Restaurant Owners and Retail Store Owners increased their sales after purchasing our software that increased their business impression to their loyalty customers? With No Monthly Maintanence Fees, No Transaction Fees, View Daily/Monthly Sales Reports, Products' Information, Create and Issue a Gift Card/Loyalty Card/Membership Card at any time, View your Staff's working hours, Redeem Merchandise Points, Take Inventory Control, View RMA Reports, find your Store Information and analyze your Sales Data at any time, A fully managed software will build your Customer's Information into your own PC working station to networking. Please visit our Online Store for details:

Suggestion of use Gift card/Loyalty card terminal processors: There are many types of Card terminal processors in the market, We suggest you to use Hypercom Optimum T4210, T4220, VeriFone Vx510, Vx570, Nurit 8000(wireless), 8400 Credit card/Gift card/Loyalty card processors, add a Barcode Scanner, a Magnetic reader and our software are needed.

POS Machine          Hypercom T4220          Verifone VX510        Barcode Scanner         Barcode Scanner        Gift/Loyalty Software

Note: If your Annual projected orders are over 500,000 cards/year, We will have a special discount for your assignments, please contact our Sales Dept for more details. Looking for Combo Cards? Please visit out Custom Template Page Custom Template Downloads here.

From our Customer services, We are tracked our customers within one month services survey and make customers to rank our services,  plus We'll monitoring your project initially goes to artwork designs, production lines then finally free delivery to your office (One-Stop Service), our production time normally takes 7-10 business days and free delivery to your office. The goal of our services is based on the market respectfully and worldwide relationship intengrity to make our customers happy with our performance/relationship as an end-user and get their desired value-stored cards as well, We mention it, and We will make it for your company.

Our factory has earned and awarded the ISO 9001:2000, VISA/Master/Amex certified manufacturer and Inspection license which makes us proud to processing any Bank firm with your Banking cards, ATM cards services and getting more entrusted with our quality management in the marketplace, your orders will finally with armed delivery to your office are our first priority. Due to busy holiday seasons, please send your projects prior one month earlier to meet your deadline days, So we can make our processing without delay to your office! Our efficiently Quality Control Management (QCM) and interactively designed artworks service will make your projects worry-free.

From, you can save hundreds to thousands dollars which spending on gift cards programs. Please get ready to send your Artworks to us and please give us a call now at 1-877-810-5858 Or 1-626-675-2806 for start your detailed artworks/layouts. To send a Quote sheet is free, we will send your free quote back within two busniess days. if you have your Artwork layouts already, please send to us for final review, once it gets approval by your permission and deposit 50% of your Final cost to us then we will start your print works. is committed to protect your artworks and files that you sent to us, and We keep our eyes on our production lines and following the Global platform forum in "Go Green, Environmental Friendly" issues to make each step carefully on our production lines and our products, we also want our Environment to be safe and protected in the future. 

What we offer:

  • 100% customer's satisfaction guaranteed. 
  • Lowest prices guaranteed.
  • Artworks satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Constantly customer's service.
  • Blank PVC cards supply.
  • Multi-production inspecting lines.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer.
  • Free Shipping for all your orders delivery to your door.
  • Fastest turnaround 7-10 business days guaranteed. (MAX 600,000pcs/day).
  • Just In-Time delivery guaranteed, and we'll make your projects worry-free.
  • Personalization guaranteed (Print or Emboss different names and numbers on each card).
  • If your Print works are related to Government or State organizaton, a 5% discount will be applied to Final cost.
  • No Setup fees for any order.
  • No Hidden fees for any order.
  • No Kidding!

Contact us now for your free quote.


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